We always welcome international students – so welcome!

Who is Aarhus University Sport?
AUS is Aarhus University’s official sports association. We are an umbrella organization for many different sports clubs and therefore we offer students a wide range of sport activities. We are trying to connect students from different educations and in our sports clubs there is room for everybody who wants to work up a sweat and be a part of a great unity.

What does Aarhus University Sport offer?
AUS targets both students at Aarhus University and other higher educations. We organize Denmark’s Largest Friday Bar and Sports Day every year togehter with Studenterrådet Aarhus, which takes place in September. We also organize an annual ski trip for all students during winter. In addition, we offer memberships in our many sports clubs, all with a significant representation of students. We look forward to welcome you!

Sport clubs
Not all, but many of our sports clubs have a international students in their club. You are welcome to contact the sports clubs and ask for more information. You can check out our 16 different sport activities here.

Upcoming events
Check out this great sport and music event, Denmarks Largest Friday Bar and Sports day,  here. You cannot miss this!

Do you like to go skiing or would you like to try it? All students are welcome at AUS skiing trip. Read more about the trip here.