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Every year in September Aarhus Universitets-Sport organizes Danmarks Største Fredagsbar og Idrætsdag (Denmark’s Largest Friday Bar and Sports Day) in cooperation with Studenterrådet. This years the event will take place 15. september 2017. The event is a day full of sport and music for students at Aarhus University and other higher educations in Aarhus. The day starts with various sports tournaments and activities, which Aarhus University Sport and our 18 sports clubs stand for. Students can compete against each other in a wide variety of sports where everyone has the opportunity to participate. In the afternoon and until midnight there is festive atmosphere with great music at the different stages. The music program always contains a wide range of music – there is something for everyone.

The purpose of the event is that students – new and old – will be able to compete, play and socialize with each other across different educations. Therefore Denmark’s Greatest Friday bar and Sports day every year gives the students a sense of being part of a larger community.

You can find more information on or on Facebook: Danmarks Største Fredagsbar og Idrætsdag.

Look forward!